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Shanghai HXC Industry Co., Ltd. (HXC) is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R&D of LCOS chip design, LCOS panel encapsulation, LCOS application solution development and industrialization integration. HXC subsidiaries have been setup and put into operation for LCOS chip design, LCOS panel encapsulation and the related application solution development in Shenzhen and Dongguan. 
LCOS is a micro display device which is made by a combination of silicon-based material and liquid crystal technology, where HXC has strong expertise. LCOS enables best-in-class projection and modulating technology for a variety of display applications, such as near-to-eye devices (AR in particular), pico-projectors and optical communications (especially in LCOS SLM). HXC takes the commitment to provide the global market with complete solutions from silicon backplanes to LCOS panels.
HXC core technical and operating management team members have shouldered and completed numerous national and provincial high-tech R&D projects such as the“National 863 Program”, and established integrated product facilities, including LCOS chip design, LCOS panel encapsulation, optoelectronic integration and application solution development. Dozens of patents are licensed or accepted. HXC has ascended as one of the first three companies in the world that are equipped with the LCOS display core technology along with their independent IPR’s.
With years of technology accumulation, HXC has successfully lightened up the Chinese LCOS chip with independent IPR. As the process engineering develops steadily and the products mature, this promising Chinese chip is to emerge in the global market, and bring human beings to an era of  "micro chip for big vision".