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        LCOS (abbreviation for Liquid Crystal On Silicon) is a new display technology that integrates LCD technology with semiconductor large scale integrated circuit process, and now it is a high-end technology that hasn’t been monopolized by foreign companies. 
        The near-to-eye display, pico-projecting and spatial light modulating devices of LCOS are outstanding among a wide range of display devices. Following the first generation of CRT display and the second generation of panel display (PDP and LCD), LCOS micro-display technology is the third generation of display technology.
        LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is of the third generation display technology. It is the new type display technology with dynamic technological integration of liquid crystal display and large-scale IC. LCOS is able to display image information that cannot be displayed by traditional plane display technologies. In this way, people can enjoy the direct, genuine, quick and interactive  experience created by this high technology.
        Scope of LCOS technology-supported products is very wide, including traditional projectors, video glasses, cameras, microscopes, night-vision units, etc. What is more important, LCOS also becomes an important technical fulcrum supporting AR, VR, LCOS SLM and WSS in the cloud era, letting people enjoy the super-quality life of real-time online internet and IoT.
        Features of LCOS-supported products are high in image resolution, low in power consumption, simple in structure, reliable and durable, which are undoubtedly important nodes of human-computer interaction.