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Company team
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Graduated from Brunel University UK, master of management, she is responsible for the setup of HXC Technology and the establishment of organizational structure of various departments, experienced the entire stages from plant location to decoration and completion, and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of the company.


Kelly Yin,  Vice-President, GM of Dongguan Subsidiary


Professor in Southeast University. She is also supervisor of Ph.D students, senior visiting scholar in University of Central Florida, U. S. A., and visiting professor in Rennes 1 University, France. She is senior member of society of information display, and member of Chinese vacuum society. Her current research field is photonic and electronic devices. In the last decades, she involved in the development of liquid on silicon device as micro-display and spatial light modulator deeply. She has been PI of more than 10 national research projects, has nearly 100 journal paper publications, and owns more than 20 patents.

Qing Li, Technical Advisor 


Professor in the department of electronic engineering in Southeast University , China. His first research activities were focused on charged particle optics and application in display devices. They gave the matter of PhD degree. Since 1994, he was engaged in project cooperation between Southeast University and Philips Company. He had designed a few new electron guns for cathode ray tubes, and he also investigated the method to improve the sensitivity of deflection coil. Now, his research fields covers the nano materials for photonic detectors, field effect transistor based on nano wires, 3D display technologies, and micro-displays. He has published more than 200 hundred papers in the scientific journals, and give more than 30 invited talkings and oral presentations in the conference. Besides this, he has got 40 patents. In the recent 5 years, he has finished more than 10 collaborative research projects.

Wei Lei,  Technical Advisor

Keith Kang,  Executive VP 


Graduated from university in 1982, with 30 years of business operation and management experience, Mr. Keith Kang has successively served as the director or VP at China Southern Glass Holding, Shenzhen Branches of China Wangfujing Group and China Poly Group, Namhoi Investment HK, Vireal LCOS Technology, Huayue UAV Technology, responsible for the management of enterprise strategy, capital operation, HR, legal affairs and IP rights. As the team leader, he also shouldered and completed the planning, operation and management of the first magnetron vacuum sputtering coated glass production line, the first ultra-thin float glass plant and the first LCOS panel encapsulation line in mainland China.


Jun Xia, Technical Advisor

Professor in Southeast University. He is also supervisor of Ph.D students, member of national professional standardization technical committee, member of holography and optical information division in optical committee, member of stero image division of national image graphics committee. He has been engaged in the research of display technology for more than 20 years, and charged more than 10 national and provincial projects. He has got the provincial first prize for scientific and technical progress, published more than 100 journal papers, owned more than 40 patents, and developed more than 10 international and domestic standards. He has worked for the design and fabrication of LCoS device for many years. He has developed 2560×1600 and 1920×1080 LCoS respectively. He also investigated the AR system based on LCoS.



Top Management

Li Kun,  President & CEO

HEC EMBA, with 18 years of working experience in R&D, strategic management and market development in optical and chip industries,Mr. Li Kun presided over the marketing work of iView Displays, leading supplier of Pico-projector Optical Modules, followed his 10 years of successful entrepreneurship, He is now responsible for the overall operation and management of HXC Technology, and guiding the research and development of LCOS chips, as well as the development, production and market exploration of LCOS related products.